Long-Time Senior Editor Retires

May 9, 2021

Long-Time Senior Editor Retires


It’s the end of an era here at FARM SHOW as long-time Senior Editor Bill Gergen retires this month after 33 years of chasing down new products and inventions on farms and at shows across the country.

I first met Bill in 1978 when he was an editor at Farm Industry News. That magazine focused primarily on commercial new products so I would frequently see Bill at shows, talking to just about every exhibitor. He really kept me on my toes because I knew that Bill wouldn’t miss a thing and I didn’t want to get “scooped” by missing something. Each time we would have a chat, Bill would tell me how much he liked FARM SHOW and that he wished he could write more farmer invention stories like we did. In 1988, we were able to offer Bill a job and he joined our staff

Over the past 3 decades Bill has written thousands of stories and traveled hundreds of thousands of miles tracking down the best “made it myself” ideas from farm shops across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Anyone who has met Bill knows he’s a kind, hard working person who always does his best to get the story right. Publishing has been a tough business in recent years and many magazines have diedOne reason FARM SHOW has survived and continues to thrive is because of Bill’s ability to search out latest new ideas and maintain relationships with many of our readers. We get a lot of calls from those guys telling us, “I need to talk to Bill about my new idea.”

Bill loves to travel and we expect to hear about his upcoming backpacking trips to Colorado, Utah, and other points out west. We’re going to miss him around here.