More Slow Mail, Current Issue and Free Calendars!

March 17, 2021

Our March/April issue (Volume 45 Number 2) is in the mail!  We are still dealing with slow mail times from the USPS.  We mailed out many replacement copies of the last issue.  Our apologies to those of you who had delayed or undelivered copies.  We are working with the post office and hope that they are able to get back to normal delivery times soon. 


On another note – the joke around the office is that no one reads this blog.  Well anyone reading this can have one of our 2021 Everyday calendars for FREE.  That’s right, you just pay the shipping charge of $4.95 US or $9.95 Canada and we will send you one of our calendars.  We ordered too many and it would be better to have them on a farm than in a warehouse.  Order online or call 800-834-9665 and mention the code FREE.