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Editor's Notebook

Doing This Job

August 2, 2018

Mark Newhall, Editor-Publisher

As of this month, I've worked at FARM SHOW for 40 years.  I started in 1978 after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in agricultural journalism.  The founder of FARM SHOW, Harold Johnson, started the publication in 1977 after leaving his job as editor of Farm Industry News magazine. His idea was to start a magazine with no advertising so it would not be indebted to big advertisers and could "tell it like it is" about lemon products that don't perform the way manufacturers intended.  

In 1994, Harold retired and gave me the chance to take over.  It's been great fun and I still enjoy putting together every issue of FARM SHOW.  We couldn't do it without all the contributions from subscribers who generously take time to tell us about the inventions and ideas they've come up with, as well as to tell us about their "best & worst buys", shop tips, and much more.  I don't have any plans to hang it up and our staff of writers - who have extensive farm backgrounds - are all still fired up about reporting on what's new.  So come along for the ride!

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