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Editor's Notebook

Harvesting Water From Fog

July 9, 2018

In a rural southwest region of Morocco, rainfall is unpredictable and underground aquifers have been largely depleted.  Average annual precipitation is only about 5 in.  However, the region does have one precious resource.  Because of its unique climate, heavy fog appears an average of 143 days a year, caused by warm air driven inland by ocean currents.  As the humid air rises, it hits the barrier of the Anti-Atlas mountains and turns into thick blankets of fog.  Over the past 10 years, a non-profit organization called Dar Si Hmad has set up the largest fog-harvesting project in the world.  Huge mesh nets capture water particles, which then condense and drip into collection trays.  Roughly 1,600 gal. of water are collected daily and pumped through 5 miles of pipes to reservoirs where it’s filtered for use by about 400 people living nearby.

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