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One Truck Does Work Of Three
Latest new concept for handling a multitude of hauling jobs with one truck is the Switch-A-Load System, just introduced by Crysteel Mfg., Lake Crystal, Minn.
One truck does the work of two or three. In less than 10 minutes, the driver picks up interchangeable truck bodies loaded or empty right off the ground. "Switch-A-Load operates entirely off the truck's hydraulic system and is completely self-contained no jacks, telescoping legs or other accessories to bother with," explains Eldon Jones, president. "We really feel we have a breakthrough development for increasing efficiency and reducing investment costs, especially for farmers who do a lot of trucking over a short period, such as during the busy harvesting season," Jones told FARM SHOW.
During combining, for example, one or several grain boxes can be dropped off the ground at strategic locations in the field. Only the boxes need to be there, freeing the truck driver to haul another interchangeable grain box home for unloading. While he's gone, the combine operator fills the unattended grain bodies. "With a short haul, one truck can easily serve three grain bodies to keep your combine rolling," explains Jones.
The Switch-A-Load system is a combination of Crysteel's Lo-Boy truck hoist, newly-designed truck bodies, and the company's new multi-wrap twin hydraulic winch.
What does it cost?
List price of the Switch-A-Load system alone is $2,666. However, this does not include the truck hoist or body. Jones cites the following cost comparison: "A properly equipped, conventional heavy-duty truck with adjustable lifting tag axle, 18 ft. body and 25 ton hoist, would be worth at least $20,000. Two such trucks equals an investment of $40,000. Now, assume the first truck at $20,000, plus $2,666 for the Switch-A-Load System, plus an extra body at $2,500 and you have a total investment of $25,166. Instead of buying two trucks, you buy one, equip it with the new system, and save close to $15,000 in the process."
Jones adds that "the Switch-A-Load System, for all practical purposes, will accomplish twice as much, plus give you the advantage of being able to switch to any other body configuration by investing in additional bodies only. The more alternate bodies you have, of course, the more 'savings' you could show over complete truck unit investments. And, this doesn't include additional savings in sales taxes, license fees, insurance costs, and maintenance and repair expenses."
"Our new Switch-A-Load System adapts to a wide variety of applications, including older trucks with the right specs," Jones points out. "There are a limited number of body sizes that apply and we recommend an adjustable load type of tag axle, rather than a twin screw tandem. It would work with some single-axle trucks but is really designed for, and more adaptable to, tandem applications. We wouldn't recommend a do-it-yourself installation, at least not at this time."
The accompanying photos illustrate how the concept works. For more details, call or write: FARM SHOW Followup, Crysteel Mfg., Highway 60 East, Lake Crystal, Minn.
56055 (ph. 507 726-2728).

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