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Hitch Wagons From Your Tractor Seat
How'd you like to be able to hitch or unhitch an entire "train" of wagons when picking corn, chopping silage or baling hay?
You can, thanks to a new electronic hitching system developed by Jim Luety, of Custom Farm Shop, Clinton, Wis.
Suppose, for example, you're going to the field with three or four wagons being pulled behind your corn picker, silage chopper or baler. You can hitch up the entire train without leaving the driver's seat. And, when you get to the field, you simply flip the switch to automatically drop wagons off where you want them. When the first wagon is filled, you drop it off and hitch onto an empty wagon, again without having to leave the driver's seat.
The tongue of each wagon is equipped with a counter balance or "slave spring" which permanently holds it at the right height off the ground for automatic hitching. The back of the silage chopper, corn picker, baler or other equipment being used to tow, and the back of each wagon, is equipped with a bolt-on deflector which guides the end of the tongue into the electrically operated, ardened steel jaws of the hitch. Each "chute" provides 100 sq. in. of misalignment tolerance so you don't have to be right "on the money" each time you back up to the wagon to be towed.
Cost of the system is right at $200, including one chute, control panel and mounting brackets. Counter balance devices for holding wagon tongues off the ground are $49 each.
For more details, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, Custom Farm Shop, Jim Luety, Owner, Box 150, Rt. 1, Clinton, Wis. 53525. (ph. 815 964-0862).

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