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"Regenerator" Reclaims Old Forage Ground
When sod gets so root bound it's difficult to penetrate with conventional equipment, the only answer is ripping it up and replanting. Brandon Janssen has another option. His forage "regenerator" cuts through the sod, shatters the subsoil and then closes the cut.
"I wanted something that would eliminate compaction and let in air, micronutrients, fertilizer and water," explains Janssen. "I looked at spiked roller machines but figured they would just pack the soil even more."
After about 200 hrs. of work, Janssen had what he wanted. A 16-in. coulter precuts the sod layers. It's followed by a 5/8-in. thick shank with a replaceable cutting edge on front and a lifting rod on the bottom. After it has shattered the subsoil, a coil spring mounted packer wheel closes the cut to conserve moisture and leave a smooth surface for hay cutting.
Janssen has used the device for nearly 18 years and, depending on field and weather conditions, it has delivered from 25 to 100 percent yield increases in forage production. In moist soil conditions, a 4-shank machine can be pulled with only a 70 hp tractor with mechanical front wheel drive. In dry conditions, power needs can increase to require a 140 hp tractor with mechanical front wheel drive.
Janssen recommends running at an 8-in. depth in grass, but dropping to 12 to 16 in. in alfalfa. Cutting edges and lifting rods last about 400 acres in moist conditions and less in dry soils.
"A 4-shank machine sells for $12,000 (Canadian)," says Janssen. "However, the cost can quickly be recovered in yield increases and fertilizer savings."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tubalcain Technologies, P.O. Box 75, Vega, Alta., Canada T0G 2H0 (ph 780 674-5920; www.tubalcaintechnologies.com).

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