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Spring Loaded Disk's Virtually Rock Proof
"It's virtually rock proof the first and only one of its kind on the market," says Harley Brandner of the revolutionary spring-loaded disk he co-invented with Jim Bettenhausen.
The partners, who have been manufacturing standard disks since 1977 at their Wishek Steel Mfg. Co. plant, Wishek, N. Dak., have been issued a patent on their spring-loaded design which provides up to 12 in. of deflection when a blade strikes a rock or other solid object.
Each section, consisting of six to eight blades, is equipped with two large coil springs (6 in. in dia. and 16 in. long) which provide 2200 lbs. per inch of compression. Individual blades automatically spring back into regular position after striking a rock. Individual gangs have three different ground pressure settings (accomplished by a single bolt), allowing for varying types of soil and conditions.
The new-style disk is equipped with 24 in. dia. notched or plain Ingersoll blades (5/16 in. thick on front gangs; 1/4 in. thick on rear gangs). Mounted 10 in. apart on 2 in. dia. gang shaft, they run on heavy-duty, triple sealed regreasable bearings.
Spring-loaded tandem disks are available in seven models ranging from 10 to 34 ft. wide. The 34 ft. model folds to 15 ft. for transport. Spring-loaded offset models are available in six sizes ranging from 12 to 24 ft. wide.
Retail cost of a 24 ft. wide spring-loaded tandem is right at $22,750. The same size Wishek disk, without the spring-loaded feature, retails for $19,200. Weight averages right at 833 lbs. per ft., and approximately 250 lbs. per blade.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wishek Steel and Mfg. Co., P.O. Box 185, Wishek, N. Dak. 58495 (ph 701 452-2449).

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