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Sliding Endgate Grain Chute
Unloading grain is much easier with this grain slide. It funnels grain into a narrower stream that can be easily directed into an auger hopper.
Designed by Curtis Wold, Starbuck, Minn., it can be moved up and down, and also sideways along the truck end gate to aim the stream of grain. You don't have to back up the truck exactly right. You can even back up to the side of the hopper and make it work. The slide can be easily removed when not needed.
The slide is formed to shape from a 26 by 12 in. piece of 18-or 20-ga. steel. The slide in the photos was made from the metal of an old clothes drier.
The formed sheet metal is tack-welded to a 22-in. length of 3/8-in. water pipe. Make -in.-long tacks 3/4-in. apart to help control distortion. A 38-in. long, -in. rod is used as a hinge pin for the slide. Two 1-in. long pieces of 3/8-in. pipe are tack-welded to the end gate 26 in. apart to attach the slide to the truck.
A 9-in. length of 1/4-in. rod is formed and welded to the delivery end of the slide to hold the metal in shape and to provide a place to attach a wire, so the angle of the slide can be adjusted.
A 1/4-in. chain link welded to the 1/4-in. rod is used to attach the wire.
A 22-in. long piece of 1/8 by 3/4-in. flat iron is tack welded to the truck box just above the slide to make the grain flow over the 3/8-in. pipe.
(Reprinted from Grainews, Winnipeg, Can.)

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