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Do Nothing Machine
Visitors to Ken Winans' display at farm shows scratch their heads, mutter under their breath and go home still wondering what that fool machine does.
The machine, which fits easily on the tailgate of a pickup, has a multitude of pulleys, drive belts, roller chain, gears, shafts, universal joints and other mechanical parts. When it runs, it's impressive with lots of whirling motion and impressive clacking sounds. But careful observers won't find anything getting accomplished. If you follow through to the output end, there's nothing there.
"I sometimes sit back and listen to people trying to figure it out. Some people say they remember the company that used to manufacture it and others even say they used to own one. I finally put up a sign that explains all," says Winans. The sign reads:
"Maude Smith of Winnemucca, Nevada says this machine is just like her husband. It don't do nuthin'."

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1985 - Volume #9, Issue #1