Handy Tool-Mounting Bracket For Pickups

Handy Tool-Mounting Bracket For PickupsBrad Mallory, Willows, Calif., came up with a nifty tool-mounting system on back of his pickup. "It allows me to use various bench-mounted tools around my farm wherever I need them," says Mallory. "Tools like my bench grinder and anvil can be used interchangeably."

The tool-mounting system consists of an L-shaped metal bracket made from 2-in. sq. tubing that fits into the receiver hitch and extends beyond the pickup tailgate when it's in the down position. A length of 1 1/2-in. tubing fits inside the 2-in. tubing and has a base plate for the tool bolted on top of it.

Mallory uses a different base plate and tubing unit for each tool. The anvil fits inside a square metal enclosure and is held tight by 4 bolts that squeeze in from 2 sides. The grinder is secured with a pair of bolts and wing nuts. Both tools mount on top of the bracket at the same level as the pickup bed.

"The anvil really comes in handy during harvest. I can drive up next to a combine header and replace the sicklebar blades," says Mallory. "I use a generator in back of the pickup to operate the grinder. "The base plate and tubing unit is held secure by a pair of set screws. To switch tools I just loosen the jam nuts and pull the tubing out and replace it with another tubing. The height of the L-shaped bracket can be adjusted by changing the position of a bolt." Handy Tool-Mounting Bracket For Pickups "I use it on my 1967 Chevy pickup. I keep utility boxes on both sides of the bed and a tool cabinet on back, so there isn't a lot of room. This way I can do repair work in the field even when the bed is full. I keep the grinder in the cabinet and the anvil in another part of the pickup bed."

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brad Mallory, 916 N. Plumas St., Willows,Calif. 95988 (ph 530 934-3837; cell ph 530 949-7812).


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