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May 2019
NEWSLETTER Vol. 29 - May 11

   Tractor Converted To Remote Control

   PTO-Powered Pressure Washer

   Stand-Up 4-Wheeler Offers "Lots Of Fun"

April 2019

NEWSLETTER Vol. 28 - April 27

   Hybrid Tractor Combines Deere And IH Models

   Thin-Wheel Sprayer Built For Cut-Down Plants

   Restored 830 Deere Has A V-8 Diesel

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - The ProGrabit Extraction Tool


NEWSLETTER Vol. 27 - April 13

   Old Combine Made Into Self-Propelled Baler

   Iowa Couple Saves 1881 Grain Elevator

   Mini Dump Bucket Mounts On Forklift

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - How To Tile A Shop Floor

March 2019

NEWSLETTER Vol. 26 - March. 30

   Easy Way To Walk A Dog

   Camera Keeps Cultivator On Row

   Restored Windmill Big Hit At Show

   Self-Feeder For Dogs

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Uniburr Tool Bit

NEWSLETTER Vol. 25 - March. 16

   Floating Fence Post

   Trampoline Chicken Coop

   High-Dump Trailer for ATV

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Canola Oil To Lube Chainsaws

NEWSLETTER Vol. 24 - March. 2

   Gull Wing System For Dual Tires

   Moth Wing Earrings

   Mini B Powered By Big Flathead V-8

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - 5-Ft. Long Grease Gun Hose Extension


February 2019

NEWSLETTER Vol. 23 - Feb. 16

   Jail Cell Built Inside Barn Protects Collectables

   Lazy Man's Bird Feeder

   Tire Barrier Saves Fences

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Rolling "Tractor Seat" Shop Chair

NEWSLETTER Vol. 22 - Feb. 2

   Pet Black Squirrel

   Turn Your Lawn Mower Into A Rototiller

   Cultivator Shanks Used To Build Grapple Fork

   Septic Tank Cold Storage

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - PTO Wrench Speeds Equipment Hook-Ups


January 2019

NEWSLETTER Vol. 21 - Jan. 21

   How To Cover 6 Acres With Bird Netting

   Traveling Trees Spend Winter In A Barn

   Shop Vac-Powered Water Removal

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Portable Air Compressor Built On Riding Mower Frame


December 2018

NEWSLETTER Vol. 20 - Dec. 22

   Mini Gooseneck Built For Polaris UTV

   Triple-Barreled Shotgun

   Drop Trap Catches Entire Wild Hog Herds

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Weed-Eater Lines Addes To Mower Deck Blades


NEWSLETTER Vol. 19 - Dec. 15

   Shop-Vac Supplies Vacuum Power To Row Crop Planter

   Improve Deere Grain Drill Performance

   Frame Kit Evens Out Planter Weight Distribution

   Small Planters Equipped With Lever Lift System

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Reinforcement For Sprayer Mounting Arms


NEWSLETTER Vol. 18 - Dec. 1

   One-Man Firewood Processor Mounts On Skidsteer

   Pickup Blade Keeps Driveway "Grader Smooth"

   Greenhouse Designed For Minnesota Winters

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Giant Lazy Susan Makes Tools Easy To Find


November 2018

NEWSLETTER Vol. 17 - Nov. 3

   Fast-Moving "Bale Bus" Stops Traffic

   Bus Converted To 3-Ton "Pickup"

   Giant Snow Blade Made From Old Grain Platform

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Air Tank Bumpers

October 2018

NEWSLETTER Vol. 16 - Oct. 13

   "Snow-Mower" Fools John Deere Lovers

   Blacksmith Hand-Forges Old Garden Tools For Modern Uses

   Utility Vehicle Rolls Out Bird Netting

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Heavy-Duty "Buster" Clears Clogged Grease Zerks

September 2018

NEWSLETTER Vol. 15 - Sept. 29

   Self-Propelled John Deere BBQ Grill

   Giant Pumpkins Attract New Customers

   All Purpose Grader Turns On A Dime

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Clever Way To Split A Tractor Apart for Repairs


NEWSLETTER Vol. 14 - Sept. 15

   Mini-Pickup Made From a Van

   BEST BUY of the MONTH -The Power Rack - One-Man Big Baler Feeder

   Old Cultivator Shanks Used To Build Grapple Fork

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Engine Block Makes Sturdy Workbench Base


NEWSLETTER Vol. 13 - Sept. 1

   SHOP TIP OF THE WEEK - Sturdy Tractor-Mounted Chain Box

   Combine Snowplow Doubles As A Bale Mover

   15-Piece Tractor Train Is A Big Hit At Iowa Parades

   Tow-Behind Harvester For High-Value Crops


August 2018

NEWSLETTER Vol. 12 - Aug. 19

   Portable Greenhouse Goes Where The Heat Is

   Best Hunting Dog You've Never Heard Of

   Made From Junk Toy Tractors

   Tie Rod Adjuster Tool


NEWSLETTER Vol. 11 - Aug. 4

   Deere Slide A Hit On The Lake

   They Built Their Own Doodlebug

   Handy Tool-Mounting Bracket For Pickups

July 2018

NEWSLETTER Vol. 10 - July 21

   World's Largest Round Barn?

   Build Your Own Cement Block Swimming Pool

   He Built His Own Tree Planter


NEWSLETTER Vol. 9 - July 7

   He Built His Own Corn Picker

   He Turned His Riding Mower Into A Giant Weed Eater

   Hoop House Glides Open and Closed

   Squirrel Cage Tractor

June 2018

NEWSLETTER Vol. 8 - June 23

   Self-Propelled Garden Cart

   Riding Mower Converted To Log Splitter

   How To Add Duals To Your Garden Tractor

   Self-Propelled "Boom Loader"


NEWSLETTER Vol. 7 - June 9

   Half-Sized Bales, Sell Like Hotcakes!

   Chain Roasts Hog Dogs Fast

   Jacked-Up Monster Mower

   Half-Rite, Half-Rong Tractors


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