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Hybrid Pull Type Combine Has Capacity Of Self Propelled
"It gave me the capacity of a large self-propelled combine at a fraction of the cost," says Steve Anderson, Arlington Ore., who widened the header on an IH 1482 pull-type combine from 17 to 24 ft. and built a hinged feederhouse mount and outrigger support system that allows the header to float freely over rolling terrain.
Anderson says his primary motivation in putting the hybrid combine together was cost. "I already had a large 8650 Deere tractor which would otherwise sit idle during harvest. Also, with the header between the tractor and separator, it follows the terrain in the same, way that a rear-mounted tractor grader averages out humps and dips. Front-mounted headers accentuate differences in rough ground like a front-mounted dozer blade."
The header was lengthened 7 ft. using salvaged parts off other damaged equipment. Then, Anderson installed a feeder beater circle assembly from an IH 1470 hillside combine on the 1480 feederhouse in order to allow the header to pivot. Then he mounted the header on a hinge that opens like a door in such a way that the header pivots up and down and moves back and forth. This is necessary, Anderson explains, because the outer end of the header is supported by an outrigger that extends out from the side of the combine. As the outer end of the header drops, it also pulls backward towards the frame. "Without this special mounting hinge, the header would rip out the feederhouse," he notes. The header is lifted by a cylinder at the feederhouse and another at the header's outer end.
Anderson says the modification, which cost about $8,000, would work well on most pull-types. He's trying to interest a manufacturer in his patented conversion system.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Anderson, Star Route, Arlington, Ore. 97812 (ph 503 454-2513).

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