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Rare Twin Mule Colts Born To Appaloosa Mare
"The odds of a mare giving birth to twin mule colts are 1 out of 40,000," states W.A. "Bill" Robinson, Shreveport, La., who adds that the odds are even lower for both animals to survive.
Robinson's 12-year-old Appaloosa mare recently gave birth to Tom and Jerry, two identical mule colts with Appaloosa markings. The father is a 3-year-old jack.
Neitawana had previously given birth to five registered Appaloosa colts. Robinson mated her with the donkey jack to obtain mules with the distinctive Appaloosa markings. How clearly the colts will be marked as they mature remains to be seen.
Neitawana gave birth to the mule colts without any assistance. Tom was 36 in. at birth and Jerry 35 in. Robinson expects the twins to grow to about 1,000 lbs. or more. He plans to use them to pull wagons for parades.

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1986 - Volume #10, Issue #3