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Fence Post Puller
"My fence post grabber fastens to the bucket of a tractor loader and enables one to pull wood and steel posts and then release them without leaving the seat of the tractor," says Max Robinson, Bloomington, Neb., noting that he built the post puller because his 88-year-old father is "too old to run the tractor anymore."
Robinson first bent a 7/8-in. dia. piece of oil well sucker rod into a triangle about 12 in. long on each side. To one side of the triangle he welded a 2-in. dia. piece of pipe about 12 in. long. Half an old "duckfoot" blade was then welded into the crevice where the pipe connects to the triangle at an angle of about 80? to the triangle. In the front corner of the triangle, opposite the blade and pipe, Robinson welded an old cultivator shovel.
The point digs into the opposite side of the post because it's welded at a slight downward angle of about 15? below the triangle. One length of chain fastens to the shovel at front and another runs through the pipe on the "back" of the triangle.
"It hangs loosely from the bottom of the bucket. The operator drops it over a post and it grabs on when the front of the bucket is tipped down and the loader raised up. After the post is pulled, the front end of the bucket is tipped up to release the post," says Robinson. "It's faster and a lot safer than having a man stand under the bucket to wrap a chain around the post."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Max Robinson, Rt. 1, Box 68, Bloomington, Neb. 68929.

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