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Bolt on axle truss for Deere Combines
"My bolt-on axle truss strengthens the adjustable rear axle on 4400 to 7720 Deere combines, virtually eliminating break-downs," says Kenny Clapp, owner of Fuzzy's Harvesting Repair, Tarkio, Mo.
The truss is designed to relieve excessive wear and stress on the axle's center pivot pipe, strengthen the center of the axle against breakage, and reinforce ,the outer ends of the axle. Bushings and pivot point at the front of the truss also help relieve stress.
"Farmers have had lots of problems with weak adjustable rear axles on Deere combines ranging from the 4400 through the 7720," says Clapp, an independent mechanic specializing in Deere combines. "Newer Deere combines are factory-equipped with stronger axles. Most of the problems occur when farmers widen the axle so they can run the rear tires in the row. This causes greater thrust on the outside of the axle where the adjusting bolts tend to crack the outer ends of the axle housing. It also causes more pressure on the center of the axle, breaking bushings or causing the axle to wobble and jerk. Some farmers have had to change bushings in their axle pivot every year.
"My axle truss braces the outer end of the axle, and strengthens the bottom of the axle to eliminate the possibility of slack in the center pivot pipe."
Mounting the axle truss, including re-placing the axle pivot bushings which are included with the kit, is a two-hour job. "On most combines, the axle truss is bolted on using pre-drilled holes in the axle. On the very early hundred series you do have to drill two holes for the front crosspiece. On any model after 1974 everything fits into existing holes," notes Clapp.
The unit can be transferred from one combine to another. If you trade fora newer combine you can reuse the truss or remove it and sell it separately.
Fits 4400, 4420, 6600, 7700, 6620 and 7720 Deere combines.'
For more information, contact Farm Show Followup, Fuzzy's Harvesting Re-pair, RR 2, Tarkio, Mo. 64491 (ph 816 736-5893).

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