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Do it yourself hose end crimper
A new "do-it-yourself" hose end crimper from Clever-Tech, Inc., Jesup, Iowa, allows you to repair broken hydraulic hoses in the field without removing the hose or buying special hose ends.
The "Clever Crimp" was invented by Robert Rottinghaus, a farmer-engineer from Jesup, Iowa. "It lets you repair hoses right on the machine in less than ten minutes and the quality of repair is equal to any hose end repair shop," says Rottinghaus, who built the crimper out of frustration with hose repairs on his own farm. "If you break down at 5 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon and all the repair shops in town are closed, you're finished working until Monday. You'll pay for our machine the first couple times you use it.
"Other hose end crimpers require a vise and you must remove the entire hose, which is often a time-consuming job. Also, you must use the company's own hose end. Clever Crimp works on all standard brands of single piece hose ends, which are readily available at farm supply stores and implement dealerships. You can use any hose end as long as it's compatible with the hose on your machine. We furnish a caliper so you can check the crimping diameter of the existing hose end and duplicate it when you install a new hose end. All hose assemblies have been laboratory tested."
The do-it-yourself kit includes hose crimper, hose end holder, three single piece hose ends, hacksaw, 3 -in. "C" clamp, diagonal pliers, 1/2-in. wrench, 4-in. caliper, roll of teflon tape, and instructions.
To use, clamp the hose end holder to the frame of the machine anywhere close to the broken hose. Clamp the end of the broken hose in the hose end holder and cut it with a hacksaw. Snip off frayed wire with diagonal pliers. Select a gauge block to match the size and type of hose you're crimping. Unscrew the tee handle from the threaded pivot and place the gauge block on the threaded tee handle. Place the pin in the hole on the ink bar marked bottom. Place the crimper on the hose end and hold the hose next to the hose end and make a mark. Push the hose into the hose end up to the mark or until it bottoms out. Rotate the crimper clockwise and counter clockwise around the hose end until the gauge block is tight, then tighten the tee handle a half turn.
The model 1434 crimper crimps hoses ranging from 1/4 to 3/4 in. in dia. Dealer-distributor inquiries welcome.
Sells for under $250. Other kits for different size hose will be available soon.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Clever Tech, Inc., 4121 S. Canfield Rd., Jesup, Iowa 50648 (ph 319 827-1311).

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