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Tiling Plow For Farm Tractors
"We think it's the sturdiest built tiling plow on the market for farm tractors," says Casper Green, Morgan, Minn., who teamed up with neighbor Ralph Heiling to design and develop a new-style, tractor-mounted tiler. The prototype was manufactured by Wayne's Welding, of Morgan.
Green notes that, unlike other tractor-mounted drainage plows on the market, this one doesn't tie into the tractor's 3 pi hitch. Instead, it rests on the drawbar frame and ties into the tractor's rear frame.
"The big advantage in bypassing the 3-pt is that we were able to build a much sturdier machine capable of taking virtually all the abuse you can give it," Green points out. "A disadvantage of our non 3-pt. hookup is that it's not as universal. We'll have to tailor-make a machine for each make of tractor."
The prototype, mounted on a Deere 4440, will also fit a Deere 4520. It's designed with interchangeable "boots" for laying 4, 5 or 6 in. dia. plastic tile.
"The advantage of interchangeable boots is that you only plow as wide a trench as you need for the size tile you're laying," Green points out. "Using a laser to maintain grade, we've laid tile up to 5-ft. deep using one or two extra tractors, depending on soil conditions."
For information on custom-built drainage plows patterned after the prototype, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wayne's Welding, Morgan, Minn. 56266 (ph 612 249-3176 (days) or 249-3438 (evenings).

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