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Mileage Computer Satisfies The IRS
You can easily keep track of business and personal mileage with a new on-board mileage computer that gives daily, weekly, monthly and yearly printouts of mileage traveled.
"The IRS requires a log book of mileage to qualify for mileage deduction. That's an annoyance that takes more time than people think. With this simply unit installed, you simply press a button when you start out letting it know whether your mileage is personal, business, charity, or for any other category that you might want to bill out separately," says "Milog" representative Russell Miller, Maynard, Minn.
Each day Milog prints out a daily travel record. You can request the weekly, monthly or yearly summaries of travel at any time. It prints out on standard cash register tape - no special paper needed. Miller says it's easier to install than a car stereo. If you have cruise control, it wires directly to that. If not, a magnet and sensor attach to the driveshaft. A mounting bracket fastens to the dash or floorboards. One Milog unit can be moved between several cars or pickups that are wired for the unit.
Sells for $500.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Russell Miller, Miller Enterprises, Ltd., Rt.1, Box 138, Maynard, Minn. 56260 (ph 612 847-2402 or 367-2430).

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