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Versatile Endgate For Grain Trucks
"With this endgate, you have complete control over the direction and volume of grain flow out of your grain truck. You can open all three gates at once to unload at the grain elevator, or open just one gate to dump into augers," points out Neal Hyde, Lodgepole, Neb., farmer and inventor of the "Triple-Gate" endgate.
"It eliminates the need for chute or spout type attachments and small hand-operated trap doors that can bend up augers and restrict the height the grain box can be lifted. Plus, it allows you to unload grain from either side of the truck to level unbalanced loads," Hyde notes. He adds that you can open the three 9 by 12 in. sliding doors in any one of seven possible combinations to unload grain.
When you're ready to unload, you simply flip a latch on the gates you don't want to open, and lift the Triple-Gate handle to raise the others. You can lock the handle at the desired height.
Hyde notes that the endgate can also help in the spring planting season. By putting a divider down the middle of the truck you can use the small doors on either side to separately feed out seed and fertilizer.
Triple-Gate fits in place of most endgates with little or no modification to the original equipment other than removing the original sliding gate and operating handle. On trucks with metal bodies and wide endgate openings, Triple-Gate fits in the tracks of the original sliding gate. It bolts directly to wood or metal bodies with narrow endgate openings.
Two models are available. Each is 27 1/ 8-in. tall and either 31 3/4 or 33 7/8-in. wide. The one you need depends on size of the original endgate opening. Triple-Gate sells for right at $185.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hyde Industries, P.O. Box 278, Lodgepole, Neb. 69149 (ph 308 483-5706)

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