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Safe, Easy Way To Catch Bees, Wasps
A young mother was driving down a busy highway with her two children when a bee suddenly appeared. The children were terrified. Not finding anything handy to shoo it away, the mother took off one shoe. The car went out of control and crashed.
That accident, recalls truck driver Doug Hooper, of Windsor, Ont., prompted him to invent the Winsect a hand operated trap that works like a clothes pin to "trap" unwanted bees, wasps or other insects. Hooper is confident that, if the lady in the accident had had one in her car, one of her children could have used it to capture the bee and a tragic accident could have been avoided.
When a bee or wasp flies against the window, you snap it up in the jaws of the Winsect. After catching it, you can open a window and release the unwanted guest unharmed.
Hooper suggests keeping one Winsect in the car, and another in the home. "In a pinch, it'll double as an ice scraper. And, in the home, it's great for picking boiled eggs out of hot water," he notes.
Sells for $1.95, plus $1 for shipping and handling.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hooper Enterprises, 305 Saguenay Ave., Oshawa, Ont. L1J 2M9 (ph 416 725-0923).

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