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Farm Cellars: Welcome Back Old Friend
Old-fashioned farm cellars are coming back. Concrete construction has been replaced by fiberglass and a modern new cylinder-shaped design.
"Besides the safety factor during storms, the new-style cellars double as an underground pantry for potatoes and canned goods. Other potential uses are as wine cellars, play houses or as a farm chemical storage area," says Drew Kimmell, of the Homestead Co., Deerfield, Mo., manufacturer.
He points out that fiberglass cellars, unlike concrete, don't have inside problems with dampness and spiders. Also, fiberglass flexes to withstand the ground's expanding and contracting, and it's easy to keep clean.
Three versions are available. The T-79 and T-80 have indoor/outdoor carpeting, a combination seat and storage bin, two benches and a 110 qt. capacity shelf unit. These models have room for 7 people - more in an emergency - while the 6-ft. 7-in. dia. A-62 model, which you need a ladder to get into, has room for 5 people.
The two larger models have steps molded in. The difference between the two is that the T-80 has two extra steps and thus must be installed deeper. Both are 7 ft., 4-in. in dia. and have a 6 ft. 6-in. ceiling height.
Kimmell recommends covering the cellars with at least 1 ft. of dirt to keep them secure in the ground and for insulation. The ground covering acts to keep the cellar cool in the summer. He notes that they require no heat source even at -10. However, they can be wired for electricity.
The cellars have a 2,000 lbs. per sq. ft. strength rating and are guaranteed against, leaks for 20 years. The fiberglass is also resistant to rotting by soil acids.
Installation instructions are included with the unit. Kimmell says you can install a cellar in less than three hours. He points out that if you move, you can dig the cellar up and take it with you.
The T-80 sells for $2,895, the A-62 for $1,595.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Homestead Co., Box 86, Deerfield, Mo. 64741 (ph 417 966-7322).

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