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Hog Farmer Now Farms' Lions, Tigers And Bears
Ron Miller, of Noblesville, Ind., used to raise hogs and cattle but he's says he's having a lot more fun, and hopes to make a lot more money, with his new "herd" of exotic animals.
Miller's always liked wild animals. "Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to own lions and tigers," he says, noting that he also owns bears, cougars, monkeys and other animals you wouldn't normally find on a midwestern grain and livestock farm.
The animals don't require too much extra care other than special feeds such as raw meat and housing. Under Indiana law, Miller had to get a game farm permit. He notes that different states have varying laws on keeping such wild and potentially dangerous animals.
While his animals are all good-natured and gentle, some of them don't know their own strength. His wife was once bit accidentally on the arm and Miller has been "chewed on" more than once by the playful animals. He rents them out to film crews and advertising companies. He's become involved in a number of commercials and movies, and says the variety of jobs is almost unlimited. His rental rates vary by the job but he says it can be extremely lucrative if he can find steady work.
Miller bought his three lions Leon, Lucy and Libby for $1,500 from another farmer just a year ago. The animals spend most of their time "just lion around" in hay in a partitioned-off area of the barn. Miller gives them old bowling balls to swat around for fun.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Miller's Game Ranch, 222 Edith Ave., Noblesville, Ind. 46060 (ph 317 773-8693).

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