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Twineripping Tool For Round Bales
Cutting twine off round bales can be a frustrating and time consuming job. The "Twin Ripper" makes it a lot easier, says inventor Martin Grajczyk.
The new tool combines a retractable blade with a hook that's used to clear away snow and ice and to dig out buried twines. Once you cut the twine, you can wrap the loose end around the hook and use it to pull the twine out from under the bale. Handle is big enough you can grab onto it with two hands.
"It's safer and easier to use than any bale knife I've ever seen," says Grajczyk. "It's made from an aluminum alloy so it's light-weight, strong, and won't rust. You can use it without ever taking your gloves off. The reversible utility blade is made from high carbon steel and can be replaced at any hardware store. Twenty farmers tested the tool for me last winter and they never broke a blade so you won't have to be replace it very often. It's sharper than a jackknife or a sickle section and is retractable so it won't get dull if you drop the tool on the floor."
Sells for $40.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mar-tin Grajczyk, Hired Hand Industries, Box 190, Mortlach, Sask., Canada SOH 3E0 (ph 306 692-7029).

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