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Lawn Mower Tow Hitch
"You can mow twice as fast and trim around trees and under bushes the first time around," says Raymond Carson, inventor of a new hitch that lets you tow one or two conventional push-type lawn mowers behind a garden tractor mower.
"You attach the mowers to the hitch, start them up, set the throttles and forget about them," explains Carson. "The hitch is completely automatic. When it bumps up against a tree or other obstacle, a series of rollers along its front edge automatically roll the mower around the tree. Once past, the spring-loaded hitch pulls the mower back into position, just to the left of the garden tractor. The trailing mower, or mowers, will go anywhere a tractor mower will go, even between trees," explains Carson.
"A big advantage is that the smaller, low-profile trailing mower will slip under hedges and bushes, and right up next to buildings. You don't have to make a second trip over the lawn with a push-type mower to do the trimming," Carson points out.
The hitch will fit most mowers by drilling just 4 holes in the mower frame. It can be extended as far out as needed.
The hitch retails for $37.50.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Raymond Carson, Carson Industries, Inc. Faxon, Okla. 73540 (ph 405 597-2462).

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