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Perfect Weed Control Without Chemicals?
Here's a • 'behind the barn" experiment you may want to try this year - especially if you've been looking for a way to get virtually perfect weed control in corn, soybeans or other row crops without using any chemical weed killers.
The idea: Equip your row crop cultivator with a set of finger and spider-like attachments invented and manufactured by a California innovator who makes his living as a custom crop cultivator.
"I honestly believe that any farmer who owns a row crop cultivator will be able to get close to 100% weed control with these proven attachments," Paul Bezzerides, of Orosi, told FARM SHOW. "Our experience with them has been mostly with vegetable crops. However, I see no reason why they won't do the same job for all row crops - whether corn, cotton, soybeans, sugar beets or whatever. We're suggesting that you equip one or two rows of your cultivator with the attachments to see what they will do. If they work for you like they work for us, you should be able to get practically perfect weed control without using any chemical weed killers whatsoever."
Spring Hoe Weeder: It consists of two right and two left spring steel fingers or blades, and two mounting brackets with slotted adjustment holes. The two left and right blades are set to work opposite each other at 45? angles to the row. As the tractor
travels forward, the spring blades circulate vigorously beneath the surface. "This compression and vibration disturbs the soil and efficiently mulches and weeds at the same time," explains Bezzerides. "The plants themselves are not disturbed because their root systems are firmly established."
The model No. 1 unit has four blades, 161/2 in. long. Each blade has a working tip area of 6 in.
Spyder Wheels: They're made right and left hand and are designed to work ahead of the Spring Hoe Weeder. They do not leave a smooth ridge or shoulder that drys out. The staggered teeth of each "Spyder" mulch the soil in an uneven pattern which is easily loosened by the Spring Hoe Weeder.
Unlike some tools, the Spyder does not form clods which are a problem in soil cultivation. The right hand Spyder is mounted on the right hand side of the row. With the hub towards the plant, its teeth are pointing towards the plant with the teeth pointing up in front, and pointing down in the rear. The left hand unit, mounted on the left side of the row, will also have its teeth and hub also facing the plant.
"Main purpose of the Spyders is to break the crust before the plants are up, or right after they are up. They do a terrific job of aerating the soil around the plants. In latter stages of plant growth, the Spyders can be reversed - that is mount the left hand Spyder on the right, and the right on the left, with the shields facing the rear.' This setting, coupled with the Spring Hoe Weeders mounted on the rear, makes for an ideal combination for lay-by cultivation," Bezzerides points out.
Both the Spyder and the Spring Hoe Weeder attachments are available with adjustable flat or round mounting standards or "stems". A set of Spring Hoe Weeders (4 "fingers" and 2 mounting standards) sells for $56.55. Spyder wheels retail for $88.40 per pair.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bezzerides Brothers, 14142 Avenue 416, P.O. Box 211, Orosi, Cal. 93697 (ph 209 528-3011).

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