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Smokeless Ashtray Cleans The Air
How about this - a Smokeless Ashtray that inhales and filters smoke from a burning cigarette.
The Smoke-Trapper Smokeless Ashtray is an 8-in. cylinder of metal and plastic, topped by a batterypowered fan. The cylinder is placed over a 3-in. ashtray and the fan sucks up smoke from a cigarette and expels it through a replaceable filter made of fiberglass and activated charcoal.
The new ashtray is designed to reduce odor and room smoke from a lighted cigarette (one that is not being puffed). It doesn't clear the air of smoke exhaled by the smokers themselves.
"Most of a cigarette goes up in unpuffed smoke. One study showed that out of 570 seconds of smoking, 550 seconds of smoke goes into the air. Only 20 seconds is puffed by the smoker," explain Jeanette Orel, inventor-manufacturer. "The smoke that goes into the air is called sidestream smoke. The Smoke-Trapper Smokeless Ashtray substantially reduces tar and nicotine present in this sidestream smoke."
Suggested retail of the ashtray is $19.95. Replacement filters cost $1.50.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jeanette Orel, Smoke-Trapper Ashtray, 10501 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2305, Los Angeles, Cal. 90024 (ph 213 272-5078).

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