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New Hoist Tilts Truck Box 90 Degrees
New uses for straight trucks will soon be busting out all over, thanks to a revolutionary adapter "kit" that allows most conventional 45 degree scissor or twin-cylinder "push" type hoists to tilt the box a full 90 degrees. With the end setting flat on the ground, your straight truck can be used to load and handle big round bales, wet grain, water tanks, portable farrowing crates and similar type buildings, to tote machinery and engines, and dozens of other new uses.

By using a hydraulically-operated tailgate, a part of the "Hired Hand" adapter kit from Austring Enterprises, one man can load and unload a wide variety of materials right from the cab. The tailor-made tailgate is designed to fold hydraulically around the sides of the box so it's out of the way and not damaged when the box is tilted a full 90 degrees.

The "Hired Hand" kit - including the adapter cylinder and hardware for tilting the box 90 degrees, and the hydraulic endgate - will be marketed in 1977 to fit most 16 ft. truck boxes. In the hopper is a kit designed for pickup trucks. Both units - the full tilt hoist and the hydraulically operated tailgate - can be purchased separately.

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Austring Enterprises, Norman Austring, Pres., 521 Toronto St., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (ph. 306 543-1616).

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