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New Air Seats For Tractors
If you're not completely satisfied with your present tractor or combine seat and want the very best in riding comfort, you'll be interested in what is probably the most comfortable tractor seat money can buy.

It's the new "air" seat from Anchorlok, the same kind used by drivers of big over-the-road semi trucks. You can get it in three different models to fit most late-model tractors, plus a universal base that lets you convert your present favorite seat to air suspension. And, they're not as expensive as you might think. The Earl model, for example, retails for $280.87 FOB the factory.

All three Anchorlok seats are designed for easy installation in cab-equipped or cabless tractors or combines. Designated "soft air" seats, they require only 3 to 5 lbs. pressure. All you need to keep them pumped up is a small hand pump that mounts under the seat. Four fingertip controls regulate height, pitch, and pedal and leg room distance.

Here's how three midwest farmers who were among the first to equip tractors with the new Earl "air" seats from Anchorlok size them up:

Keith Bjerke, Northwood, N. Dak.: "You have to sit in one of these seats to really appreciate the difference riding on air makes. The seat was easy to mount and fits nicely into our cab-equipped John Deere 7020."

Bill Gnatzig, Whitewater, Wis.: "We like it. Had some trouble at first keeping it supplied with enough air with the hand pump and switched to a 12 volt air compressor which we carry right on our 970 Case."

Bob Schroeder, Lake Crystal, Minn.: "With a mechanical seat, you instinctively brace yourself when the going gets rough or bumpy. With air suspension, you don't have to anticipate. It smooths out all the bumps. We had to do some retooling of the mounting plate to get the seat into our 220 Allis Chalmers."

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Royal Industries, John Moutier, Anchorlok Division, 2910 East Ana St., Compton, Calif. 90201. (ph. 213 774-5060).

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