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Comfort Cushion For Tractor Drivers
An air-operated seat cushion originally designed to help long distance truckers fight fatigue can provide the same welcome relief for tractordriving farmers, according to its manufacturer, H. Koch and Sons, Anaheim, Ca.
"We originally designed the cushion to hook into a truck's air pressure system," Frank Stevens, vice president of marketing for H. Koch & Sons, told FARM SHOW. "But it will work just as well on farm tractor seats, thanks to a new air compressor we have available that runs off any 12-volt system. You can also use it in your pickup or other trucks."
The cushion straps onto the seat and is made of an inflatable polyester material covered with optional sheepskin (recommended because it "breathes"). Air is forced through the inside of the cushion, causing it to inflate and deflate in a rippling wave motion.
"When a person sits for a long period of time, blood flow is restricted to the legs and buttocks and causes fatigue," explains Stevens. "When mu$cles that keep blood flow
ing through the lower limbs are unable to exercise, the heart is moving less blood and that also causes fatigue."
Stevens cautions that the Koch cushion should not be used as a back support. "The cushion has been tested extensively," he said, "and while it greatly improves circulation to the legs, it can cause or aggravate disc problems when used on the lower back."
The cushion inflates with air for two seconds, then deflates for eight in a pattern that continues automatically for ten minutes. The cycle is controlled by the solid-state, electronically regulated control unit that comes with the cushion and can be mounted on the instrument panel.
The cushion requires less than 1120 of a cu. ft. of air at 10 psi. The pressure
can be adjusted to suit the driver's weight or personal preference.
The basic cushion assembly, including the control unit, sells for $102. Cost of an optional 12 volt air compressor, small enough to be tucked out of the way in a tractor cab, sells for $90.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Frank Stevens, Vice President Marketing, H. Koch & Sons Division, Gulf and Western Manufacturing Co., Anaheim, Ca. 92807 (ph 714 996-0600).

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