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Pullmeter Measures Tractors Pull Power
Are your tractors pulling all the load they can handle? Are they developing their rated drawbar horsepower? How effectively are you matching tractors and implements for maximum production?
These questions, among others, can be answered by the new Towner Hydraulic Pullmeter, a gauged hydraulic cylinder that can be coupled between a tractor drawbar and any pull-type implement to read the tractor's pull and to calculate horsepower.
The Pullmeter has a piston face machined to an exact 10 sq, in. area so that a pressure reading indicates one-tenth of the load being pulled. A 600 reading on the gauge, for example, would mean the tractor is pulling a 6000 lb. load.
That figure, plus the tractor's ground speed determined by the time it takes to travel 176 ft., can be plugged into a chart to calculate actual drawbar horsepower. The chart also gives the number of acres-per-hour production by plugging in figures for tractor speed and width of the implement.
The Towner Pullmeter can be used to compare the efficiency of competitive tractors, and to determine if tractor and implement are properly matched for maximum tillage production, the manufacturer points out.
The Model 55300 Pullmeter can measure up to 50,000 lbs. of pull and sells for $875. The unit itself weighs only 93 lbs.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Towner Manufacturing Co., P.O. Box 6096, Santa Ana, Ca. 92706 (ph 714 542-6767).

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