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Welcome Back Old Friend
The Findlay Oval, that grand old lady of cook stoves, is back on the market.

Founded by the Findlay Bros., Elmira, Ont., Canada, the "Findlay Oval" went out of production in 1956, ending an era which began in 1908. New ownership has now taken over to pick up where the old Findlay Oval left off 12 years ago.

Stoves now rolling off the assembly line boast the same high quality construction as the original stoves, plus a few modifications to make them even stronger and better. For example, the water tank is solid copper, not galvanized metal. The original oven and heating closet were just painted whereas the new version is all porcelain. And several spots on the old Oval, which were subject to excessive wear, are now being made with thicker metal.

"The new Oval has a firepot twice as large as any other firepot manufactured," Tom Hendricks, the new manufacturer, told FARM SHOW.

"And that's the main reason it was brought back. The Oval's firepot has the added feature that its grates can be moved up and down to control the size of the pot and thus control its heating capacity."

The old-fashioned Findlay Oval doesn't come cheap. Suggested retail in the U.S. is $1,395. But, if its a new and original Oval you want, don't bother shopping around because Hendrick's is the only place you can buy the new Ovals in Canada or the United States. Hendricks has exclusive manufacturing rights to the stove. So, look as you may, you won't find an Oval, unless it's a used one. And, if you should happen to spot a good used one, you'd better grab it because they're fast becoming quite rare, advises Hendricks.

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hendrick's Home Hardware, 22 Church Street West, Elmira, Ont., Can. (ph. 519-669-3367).

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