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Heat Syphon New Way To Save Fuel
FARM SHOW has learned about a new fuel saving idea that's catching on fast in industrial buildings and warehouses. We think it has exciting possibilities for cuttirtg fuel costs in farm homes, farm shops, livestock barns and other buildings. It's the new Stratotherm Heat Syphon, introduced by Rusth Industries, Beaverton, Ore. The unit consists of a dome-shaped housing at the top which has a built in fan and motor, and a 6 in. diameter column of plastic tubing hanging below it. The device is suspended from the ceiling of a farm shop, barn, or other building. The fan motor, which operates at about the same cost as a 40 watt bulb, runs continuously during fall and winter months to force upper level warm air down to where it is redistributed at floor level. "It will raise floor level temperatures from 5 to 10?, thereby lowering heating costs up to 25% - even in subzero temperatures and week-long cold snaps," says Doug Rusth, president of Rusth Industries.
Cost of a 20 ft. long unit is $49.17, including the motor. A 30 ft. long unit sells for $61.05 and a 40 ft. unit for $65.95. One Stratotherm Heat Syphon will serve an area up to 1500 sq. ft. (2000 sq. ft. in a multiple installation). A unit placed within 18 in. of the ceiling will continuously force warm air to floor level, through the inflatible plastic tubing, at the rate of 120 cfm. At floor level, warm air from the ceiling is exhausted into the strata of dense cold air. It intermixes and rises, forming a continuous air current which circulates from floor to ceiling. "This continuous mixing and stirring is gentle, with no drafts," Rusth points out.
The Heat Syphon requires no thermostat. "A thermostat would limit the operation to a preset temperature level. Heat will rise, regardless of temperature and should be recirculated," Rusth explains.
A similar unit designed for use in the home is called the Thermocycler. Instead of an inflatible plastic tube, it has a rigid plastic tube finished in beige or walnut. A standard 8 ft. unit sells for $39.95.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rusth Industries, Box 1519 Beaverton, Ore. 97005 (ph.503-644-2582).

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