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Electric Grease Guns
New electric grease guns, billed as the "first new principle in grease application in 40 years", are catching on fast with farmers, according to H. S. Stanley, marketing director for Haelco, Inc., Bath, Ohio, manufacturer.
The company's deluxe model Flexilube, powerful enough to unclog frozen bearings yet gentle enough to "needle" grease into greaseless bearings, is equipped with an amber light which activates when the gun is low on grease. It sells for $144.95. A new, just-introduced model with the same capability but without the light, a refill switch and a few other "frills" sells for under $100.
Both models feature electric "hammer action power" of 10,000 lbs. pressure which instantly drives fresh grease into bearings by forcing old grease out, virtually eliminating frozen or tight bearings. "We figure they save up to $50 for every pound of grease in reduced bearing maintenance and downtime," says Stanley. He notes that both models can be carried to the job and used anywhere electric power is available. An optional inverter for pickups allows use of the Flexilube Repeat-A-Matics in the field. An optional injector makes it easy to"needle" grease through the rubber seal on greaseless bearings without having to dismantle the bearing.
The deluxe Flexilube Repeat-A-Matic, said to be the only self-contained portable power lubricator on the market that uses standard one pound cartridge tubes, weighs less than 10 lbs. with a full cartridge. It measures 17 in. high, 7 in. wide and 3-318 in. deep.
For more details, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, H. S. Stanley, Marketing Director, Haelco Inc., Box 86, Bath, Ohio 44210 (ph. 216 666-1671).

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