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Bean Buggies Catching On Fast
Motorized buggies that let you "walk" 50 or more acres of soybeans, corn or other row crops a day while sitting down on the job are catching on fast.
They come in all shapes and sizes from one man, up to four or six man units that cover a dozen or more rows at a crack.
Grau Enterprises, Sioux Rapids, Iowa, manufactures a whole line of "Bean Buggies." They're available with a wide variety of optional equipment for special jobs, including a high clearance (48 in.) frame for chopping shattercane out of sorghum or milo; optional seats for carrying extra manpower for concentrated coverage of truck garden or other specialty crops; flotation wheels for muddy conditions; and optional spraying equipment.
New models slated for introduction soon will offer still more options, including mowing and soil sampling attachments, and a hydraulic motor for powering augers and other equipment.
Grau "Bean Buggies" are powered by an 8 hp Briggs and Stratton engine. They feature Peerless transmissions with five forward speeds, a neutral and reverse. Speed ranges from 0 to 10 mph. Steering is done by the feet, leaving the hands free to wield a corn knife or hoe right from the driver's seat. Front axle adjusts to any row width from 30 to 40 in.
For more details, call or write: FARM SHOW Followup, Grau Enterprises, Sioux Rapids, Iowa 50585 (ph. 712 283-2316).

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