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Hydraulic Power Unit Is Portable, Powerful
You can power augers, wood splitters, posthole diggers and a host of other equipment without tying up a tractor with Auger Mate, billed as a "new concept in farm hydraulic power in compact form, at low cost."
Developed by Buckeye Hydraulics, Grand Rapids, Ohio, it features an 8 hp gas engine with a direct mounted hydraulic pump - no belts or pulleys. It's equipped with a high pressure, 3 position control valve (forward, neutral and reverse) and a safety relief valve.
"Auger Mate is an ideal working companion for 4-wheel drive pickups," says Lionell Long, president. "These pickups are big enough to handle full wagonloads of grain or fertilizer. With an Auger-Mate unit to handle the hydraulics for unloading, you free up a tractor for other uses."
One of the most popular uses for Auger Mate is to convert grain wagons into self-contained unloading units. It can be mounted under the box, or carried in the back of your pickup. Or, it can be mounted on the planter, and hooked in series to the horizontal fill auger and the unloading auger feeding material into it. After planting, the portable power unit can be taken off the wagon or planter and equipped with wheels and a handle for easy portability to wherever it's needed.
It comes in two models, both of which retail for approximately $500, including the 8 hp engine. Model 883 has a capacity of 6 1/2 gpm (1900 lbs. per sq. in.); Model 588 is rated at 9 gpm (1550 lbs. per sq. in.).
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Buckeye Hydraulics, Box 400, Grand Rapids, Ohio 43533 (ph. 419 832-7491).

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