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New Waste Storage Collection System
A new concept in livestock waste management systems was recently installed on a farm southwest of Fairfax, Minn.
The waste system, installed in conjunction with a factory-built confinement building, features a prefabricated thermo plastic waste collection pan which collects waste from under the slatted floor of the confinement building and gravity feeds it by pipeline to an outside waste storage structure called the Controliner.
The Controliner - an air-tight "baggie" manufactured by Environetics, Inc., Bridgeview, Ill., consists of a thermoplastic pit liner and sealed floating cover installed in an earthen pit. The Controliner kit is supplied with the necessary accessories for attachment to the waste feed line, agitation/removal hoses, cover flotation pillows, etc.
Installation of the Environetics waste storage system requires only one day for a 4 man crew, after the excavations are prepared. The system's capacity is 30,000 gallons, enough to provide completely odorless storage for waste from a farrowing operation producing about 1,200 pigs per year. It was designed with a 12 month storage capacity due to the climate requirements in Minnesota.
The collection pan assures efficient collection of the waste beneath the slatted floor, and thorough removal of waste from the building to the Controliner. This feature eliminates the formation of gases and pathogen breeding areas within the building. Also, the plastic collection pan provides a slick, hydraulic surface for the ultimate cleanliness required after sterilization of the building following each farrowing cycle. The pan liners are custom fabricated for any size building, while the Controliner is supplied in modular sizes ranging from 15,000 to 250,000 gal. capacities.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Raymond Winters, Environetics, Inc., 9824 Industrial Drive, Bridgeview, Ill. 60455 (ph. 312 585-6000).

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