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Free Standing Concrete Fence
You can assemble hog pens of all sizes, shapes and configurations with new free-standing concrete fence introduced by Wieser Concrete Products, headquartered at Maiden Rock, Wis.
Individual sections have a wide "foot" and stand by themselves on any kind of hog house floor, whether slats, wood, concrete, steel, dirt or whatever. You can move the freestanding fence but hogs can't.
Individual pre-fabricated sections are available 36 in. high (higher on special order) and anywhere from 5 to 10 ft. long in 1 ft. increments. Both ends of each section are tongued to slip into the grooves of line or corner posts. A heavy strap iron ties individual sections together at the junction of each line and corner post.
To move the fence, you simply unbolt the strap iron ties, slide the fence to where you want it relocated, then reassemble it.
"The main feature is that it's free standing," says Joe Wieser, manufacturer. "It also takes up less space than a poured-in-place concrete fence, plus it's portable. You can use it inside for hogs raised in confinement, or outside for hogs on pasture. It's also rust proof, pigs won't chew it and easy to maintain."
Cost for 36 in. high sections is $5 per running foot, FOB the factory. Line posts are $6 and corner posts are $8 each.
"With shipping costs figured in, we figure it'll be competitive in price with poured concrete and other fencing alternatives within a 1,000 mile radius of our factory," says Wieser.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wieser Concrete Products, Maiden Rock, Wis. 54750 (ph. 715 647-2311).

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