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Hole Maker For Hay Bales
For less than $40, you can equip your conventional hay baler with a "hole maker" that makes a 1 in. dia. "breather" hole through the center of every bale.
"We think it's one of the best new inventions since the baler itself," says Normal Kohlhepp, manufacturer of this first-of-its-kind device.
Billed as the Universal Bale Ventilator Attachment, you simply bolt or weld it onto the plunger of your conventional hay baler. As the plunger works back and forth to form the bale, the attachment's 9 in. long spear point forms a hole down through the exact center of the bale.
"The breather hole will go a long ways toward eliminating mold, gives you better curing and helps preserve valuable protein and leaves by reducing the amount of field curing time," Kohlhepp told FARM SHOW. "What's more, you can make longer bales. Some of the first operators to use the attachment have reset their balers to make bales as long as 48 in. With bigger bales and fewer knots to make in baling a given quantity of hay, these operators save enough on twine alone to tie every 10th or so bale for free."
Kohlhepp recommends that the attachment be left on permanently to make a center hole in whatever material is being baled - whether it's hay, straw, chaff or whatever. The end plate of the ventilating device measures 41/2 by 73 in. "It's small enough to fit into the throat of virtually every make and model of conventional baler," says Kohlhepp. "We've even equipped a few oldstyle balers, with horizontal flywheel plungers, with the device."
The center hole reportedly helps make bales sturdier and doesn't interfere with the unwrapping or breaking apart of bales for feeding.
Sells for $39.95, plus $1.80 for postage and handling. Dealer inquiries welcome.
For more details, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, Norman Distributing, Norman Kohlhepp, Hixton, Wis. 54635 (ph 715-984-2531).

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