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Boom Loader For Conventional Balers
"It'll pitch bales from stack to truck, or from truck to stack, as fast as two or three men can handle them," says Pat Higginbotham, inventor-manufacturer of the new Boom Loader for handling conventional bales.
The Boom has a 31 ft. reach and will stack or unstack bales within a 50 ft. radius work area. Here's how it works:
Suppose bales are being loaded from ground level, or from a stack onto a large truck. The man operating the boom drives the pickup into position and sets the boom at the proper angle for "pitching" bales from stack to truck. Once set, the boom remains stationary at this angle. A 3/8 in. nylon rope with a special bale hook attached is mechanically raised and lowered by the unit's drive mechanism - an automotive rear end equipped with a rope drum. The operator pulls a separate rope operating a brake on the drum mechanism with one hand, and jabs the hook into the bale with the other. With the hook secured into the upper third of the bale, he pulls the trip rope, causing the main rope to immediately wind around the drum. As it winds, it lifts the bale and slings it up and away to the top of the loader stack. UVith experience, the operator can set a bale on top of the load and put it within a few inches of where he wants, says Higginbotham. To retrieve the hook for the next bale, he simply pulls a hose which is attached to the hook and which rides up with the bale. One jerk on the hose brings the hook down in a couple seconds. The operator then grabs the hook, jabs it into the next bale and, with his other hand, jerks the trip rope to send up another bale.
Capacity of the boom is 300 lbs. In addition to loading trucks from field or roadside bale stacks, the boom can be used for barn stacking, or for unloading trucks or trailers. The rope lift mechanism is powered by an 8 hp. Briggs-Stratton engine.
Higginbotham told FARM SHOW he has had several requests to build a boom loader which would be permanently mounted at the rear of a long flatbed truck. "If there's sufficient interest, I'll probably build a few." he notes. "This particular Boom would be used to load bales onto the truck itself, and to load a trailer pulled behind the truck. After loading, it would be folded up and ride with the load of bales for use in unloading the load at its destination.'
The pickup-mounted Boom Loader already in production sells for $1,950.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Higginbotham, Pres., H. T. S. Manufacturing, Route 3, Box 225-A, Orland, Calif. 95963 (ph. 916-865-3269).

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