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Hydraulic Shut-Off For NH3 Applicators
"Because it's hydraulic, it's more dependable than electric or slave-type shut-off valve assemblies," says Keith Zigenbein, developer and manufacturer of Hydra-Halt, an "under $200" automatic shut-off introduced by K.Z. Co., Ashland, Neb.
The compact, hydraulic shut-off valve assembly readily adapts to anhydrous ammonia applicators, liquid fertilizer spreaders and crop sprayers. It's especially designed to eliminate the often troublesome rope operated shut-off valve commonly used on applicators. Hydra-Halt works from the tractor's hydraulic outlets and features a small double acting cylinder which activates a ball valve. The device works with any brand of anhydrous regulator or sprayer and is easily installed in a few minutes with ordinary shop tools. "If you switch tractors in midseason, it only takes a second or two to hook Hydra-Halt to the new tractor. With an electric shut-off, you have to take the time to rewire the second tractor," explains Zigenbein. "If you're applying anhydrous behind a field cultivator or chisel and are using all available hydraulic spools, just plug the Hydra-Halt hoses into the main lift cylinder on the drawn implement. When it raises, it will shut off the Hydra-Halt valve first. It works in reverse when the machine is lowered, with the Hydra-Halt kicking in after the machine is in the ground. Sells for $198.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, K.Z. Co., Route 2 Ashland, Neb. 68003 (ph. 402-944-7343).

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