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New Grain Cleaner Needs No Screens
A new grain cleaner from Northland Grain Dryers, Inc., Alexandria, Minn. uses no screens to separate trash from the grain. Instead, air is combined with centrifugal force and gravity to pull trash from the heavier grain.
Grain is augered into the top of the Air Kleen cleaner. There, a 1/2 hp. motor creates a circular flow of air which sets up centrifugal motion in the column of grain. The light fines and trash move to the outside of the column where a 3 hp. fan can pull the debris away. Gravity pulls the heavier grain down through an exit port where it can run into a dump hopper.
Either wet or dry grain can be cleaned with the Air Kleen. It can be adjusted to handle corn, soybeans, sunflowers, flax, wheat, milo, oats or nearly any other grain you want cleaned.
Adjustment from one grain to another is easy. A single handle on top regulates the amount of air flow fromthe fan. Low air flow prevents light grains like sunflowers and flax from being pulled out with the trash. It's accurate enough to allow you to separate low test weight grains from heavier ones to ensure high germination when cleaning your own seed, the manufacturer points out.
For market grain, the new Air Kleen pulls off enough fines, chaff, dirt and other trash to prevent dockage. Less trash in the grain also speeds drying time and helps prevent "hot spots" in bins.
The separate fines and trash can be funneled into a wagon, or piled nearby for use as bedding or low quality feed. Capacity is rated up to 1,200 bu. per hour. Lists for $2,200.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Air Kleen Cleaner, Northland Grain Dryers, 3809 Hwy. 29 South, Alexandria, Minn. 56308 (ph 612 762-1900 or 762-2441).

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