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PTO Speed Changer For Farm Tractors
A new pto speed changer, which mounts on the tractor pto shaft, lets you change your tractor's pto speed to match implement needs. The Hub City model 390 is a heavy-duty attachment that converts pto speed from 540 rpm to 1,000, or from 1,000 or 800 rpm to 540.
Purpose of the speed changer is to allow any tractor to power any implement in its horsepower range, regardless of normal pto speed ratings.
"The speed changer is essentially a gearbox that slides onto the tractor pto shaft," explains Jerry Neuharth, customer service rep for Hub City. "Just two setscrews hold the model 390 on the tractor shaft."
Newly designed gears allow the model 390 to handle up to 125 hp. Neuharth notes that five options in the model 390 use either a 1.89:1, 1.48:1 or 1:1.89 gear ratio to reduce or increase the speed. Pto shafts with 6, 20, or 21 splines and 13/8 or 1 3/4 in. dia. shafts can be accommodated.
The 800 rpm, 1.48:1 option permits energy savings when a high hp., 1,000 rpm tractor is needed to run alow speed, 540 rpm implement, such as a grain elevator, stationary pump or generator. The tractor can be idled back to 800 rpms to save fuel and the speed reducer used to convert it down to 540 rpms.
Cost ranges from $808 to $845 for the five size and speed options. A safety shield is standard.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hub City Division, Safeguard Power Trans-mission Company, P.O. Box 1089, Aberdeen, S.D. 57401 (ph 605 225-0360).

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