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Pop Yourself Some Black Popcorn
"We're selling it faster than we can produce it," says Bernie Wagner, Jordan, Minn., pioneer developer and marketer of black popcorn.
Unlike regular yellow or white kernels, Wagner's black popcorn pops from black kernels. The black kernels turn into white fluffy pop-corn with a blackish tint around the edges.
Bernie says the black popcorn was developed by a private grower. "We're obviously not interested in divulging its genetic background, except to say that it is a double cross hybrid," Bernie told FARM SHOW.
He notes that state franchises for selling black popcorn will be established as the seed supply and contracted production acreage of black popcorn is increased. "At present, we have more than enough contract growers lined up to produce the limited amount of seed we now have available," he explains.
He notes that it doesn't work to plant black popcorn sold over the counter in hopes of growing your own supply of black popcorn. "Like regular hybrid field corn, it will revert back to its inbred lines if you try to plant corn taken from a bin or crib. It will grow but all you'll get will be stub kernels and stalks," he points out. "To grow black popcorn, you have to have hybrid seed from seed fields, the same as with regular hybrid corn."
If you'd like to test-pop a trial batch, Bernie's black popcorn is available in 5 lb. packages for $5.95, including shipping and handling.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bernie Wagner's Health Food Store, Route 2, Box 205, Jordan, Minn. 55352.
If you're driving to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota, you can pick up a sack of black popcorn at Bernie's Health Food Store. It's located along High-way 169 seven miles south of Shakopee.

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