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Slicing Tillage Tool
A new tillage tool that slices through the top 7 in. of soil with rows of large knives has been introduced to North America after a dozen years of successful use in New Zealand.
The Aer-Way features knife-like tines that dig 7 in. deep, breaking up surface soil compaction as well as aerating the soil.
Matt Mayer, sales engineer for Holland Equipment Ltd., Norwich, Ont., North American distributor, says the machine can be used on pasture and hay ground, in the early spring or just after harvest, to aerate the ground. New Zealand tests show 20% yield increases in fields aerated with the Aer-Way, says Mayer.
The implement is also being used on newly-planted soybean and corn ground to break up crusty soil. Mayer says it's possible to roll corn up to 5 in. high without damaging the crop.
Setting the rollers at angles up to 10? gives the machine a rototiller-type action on the soil. Some farmers set the roller at an angle and use it in lieu of a disc on plowed ground, or in the fall to break up and incorporate bean trash.
There are four beveled tines per cluster on the ground-driven roller. The clusters are spaced 7 in. apart and are self sharpening. Mayer adds that "they're made of heat treated steel and won't break, even in rocky conditions."
A ballast stand on the Aer-Way lets you add weights for better penetration in hard soils. Sizes from 4 to 23 ft. wide are available. The unit attaches to Cat. I and II, 3 pt. hitches.
The 11-ft., 8-in. model sells for right at $2,500 and requires a 40-60 hp tractor, depending on soil conditions. The company is setting up a dealer network and welcomes dealer inquiries.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Holland Equipment Ltd., 20 Phoebe St., Norwich, Ont., Canada NOJ 1PO (ph 519 863-3414).

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