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Air-Powered Post Driver
If you ever see J.F. Whidborne's air-powered fence post driver, you'll never forget it.
The 2-handed post driver contains an air-powered cylinder that lifts the driver up off the post from its down or resting position. Once up in the air above the post, the cylinder retracts, dropping the driver back down onto the top of the post, driving it into the ground.
"It's just like using a conventional post driver except that there's no effort needed to lift it. Most people get the hang of it in a matter of seconds," Whidborne told FARM SHOW.
The Whidborne Whacker, as it's called, needs just 4 to 5 psi of air pressure to operate, an amount that can be supplied by a small portable compressor that can easily be carried into fields with a small battery back. A small air line runs to a ball valve at the top end of the shaft which fastens to the piston. When the right hand handle on the post driver is lifted, it releases the ball valve, forcing air into the piston chamber, which instantly knocks the piston down on the top of the post. This kicks the post driver up into the air without any effort on the part of the operator. The motion required on the part of the operator in activating the driver is no different from what would be required if the post driver were not air-powered. The operator can add downward pressure on the downward stroke to aid in driving the post, just as he would normally.
Whidborne says that besides taking the effort out of post driving, the Whacker has advantages over tractor-mounted post drivers. "You don't have to maneuver a tractor into position and you can easily work in areas inaccessible to a tractor, such as in ditches, on banks, against trees and so on," he notes.
The post driver is 6 in. in dia. and can be used to drive in any post less than 6 in. in dia. A 3-in. model is also available. The larger model sells for $370 and the smaller for $345.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, M.J. Farthing, Ltd., 2 Summers Road, Farncombe, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 3BB England (ph 04868 22971).

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