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Garbage Burner With Built In Compactor
You've never seen anything like this new garbage burner that's designed to burn and store a year's worth of garbage.
"My burning barrels always seemed to be full and I was tired of worrying about starting grass fires. This burner is safe and you only have to empty it once a year," says Doug Racher, Nanton, Alberta. His "Bumsafe Compactor" worked so well for him he started manufacturing it.
He says his standard model takes a family of 6 one year to fill, including cans and glass. "Most people find that hard to believe but the combination of burning and compacting makes a tremendous reduction in volume," says Racher.
The vertical burning chamber is made of heavy 24-in. dia., 1/2-in. wall pipe designed to "last a lifetime". It has a tight-fitting cover that pivots off to the side when trash gets dumped in. A 115-volt blower supplies air to the burning chamber and there's a place to insert a propane torch to start the fire or add extra heat to get wet garbage burning. It's sealed off from the compaction chamber below while burning.
After 3 or 4 months use, the vertical burning chamber fills up with cans, glass and ash. So you hook up a tractor or other hydraulic power source to the 4-ft. stroke hydraulic compacting cylinder and a few strokes of the piston empties the 5-ft. burning chamber and at the same time crushes the entire contents against the far end of the compaction chamber. You can fill and empty the burning chamber 4 times before the compaction chamber fills up. To empty the compaction chamber, you simply re-move the end cap (2 bolts) and push out the contents with the cylinder to haul away or to sort and recycle.
Sells for $2,200. A larger 30-in. dia. model, which Racher says will handle the needs of 12 people for a year, sells for $3,600.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Doug Racher, D.R. Enterprises, Box 566, Nanton, Alberta TOL 1RO Canada (ph 403 549-2299).

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