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Get Yourself A Real Swinger
"It's hard to believe but you can swing this shelf back and forth and the shelves will always stay level. Nothing will fall off," says Helen Hulke, Minneapolis, Minn., about the Mobile Swinger, anew concept in decorative shelving.
"Interest in the shelf in the few months we've been showing it has just been incredible. I think that's partly because it fills a real need - fitting where nothing else will fit, and because it's so unique and attractive," explains Hulke.
The Mobile Swinger hangs from the ceiling on light, canvas-type straps. Each 9 by 11 in. shelf is attached at four points to the 2 in. material. Two, three and five shelf models are available.
Every Swinger is designed to match most any room decor, with white supporting straps and dark brown pine shelves. "You can hang them in hallways, bathrooms or living rooms. They're great for plants, books and any kind of decorating or knick-knacks. And every shelf is
treated so you can hang the Mobile Swinger outside on porches and patios."
The tear-resistant straps come to a "v,' at the top and bottom, where they are attached to a 1 by 1 in. piece of wood. There are holes in the top piece, for hanging the shelf. The bottom "V" is just for design.
Individual straps are stapled to each shelf and a small wood strip is nailed over the straps, providing extra support. According to Hulke, the three-shelf Swinger will hold up to 125 lbs., or more than 40 lbs. per shelf. When not in use, the shelves fold into a compact bundle.
The Hulkes are building and selling the shelves as a family business. Prices forthe two, three and five shelf
models are $12.95, $15.95 and $19.95 respectively, including the postage and handling.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ekluh Distributing, Box 795, Minneapolis, Minn. 55440.

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