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Popcorn Popper Has Built-In Stirrer
A stirring crank is built into the handle of the new Brinkman Popal Popper.

"Stirring the corn makes it different from all other poppers," says Emery Brinkman, inventor-manufacturer. "Kernels pop larger if stirred while popping - gives you the same results as commercial poppers. No hard centers and very few old maid kernels left in the pan."

Brinkman recommends using oil: "The oil should be very hot before putting popcorn in the popper. Add the corn, then stir it a few times. When the corn begins to pop, stir continuously."

Another feature of the new popper is being able to make sugar coated popcorn. Corn pops and is coated with a crisp, crunchy coating at the same. time.

Two styles are offered: The standard model ($24.95) and the long handle model ($28.95) for use in a fireplace or camp fire.    .

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brinkman Popal Popper, 4544 Wanamaker Road, Route 9, Topeka, Kan. 66604 (ph 913 478-4643).

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