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Tool Helps Clean Paint Rollers
You can make paint rollers last a lot longer by cleaning them in about a minute with Clean N Roll, designed by Patrick Egan, an experienced, licensed painting contractor.
  I have employees, and when it came time to clean up, no one wanted to clean the rollers because they are so messy to clean. I figured there had to be a better way, he says.
  Clean N Roll has a flow tube with multiple jets and connects to a garden hose. A 9-in. roller slips inside and the nap size (3/8, 1/2 or 3/4-in.) is selected by pressing down on the handle, turning to the right size and locking it in, releasing pressure on the top of the handle. With water turned on at full pressure, point the end of the Clean N Roll into a bucket and pull the trigger until the water runs clear. Remove the roller and put it back in the opposite way. Pull the trigger again until the water is clear.
  In less than a minute and about 3 gals. of water, the roller is clean and dry enough for immediate reuse. With an adapter and short hose, Clean N Roll can be used on a regular faucet.
  Egan notes that he buys lambskin rollers that cost more than $10 and he can clean and reuse them up to a dozen times.
  By reusing rollers youre not filling up the landfills with them, he emphasizes.
  His patented cleaning tool is popular with professional painters as well as homeowners who do their own painting. Clean N Roll sells for $40 plus shipping on Egans website, which has a link to a video demonstrating how it works. Its also available on Amazon and at select Sherwin-Williams and Vista paint stores.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Clean N Roll, P.O. Box 60084, Reno, Nevada 89506 (ph 805-709-6718; cleannroll@gmail.com; www.cleannroll.net).

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